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From casual to dress up, we offer a wide variety of chic and stunning beaded bracelets and watches that make a statement. Whether you're looking for yourself, family, or friends, hand beaded jewelry is an excellent choice for any occasion. All beaded jewelry is handmade, here in the USA, and nothing is mass produced.


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Our Favorite Styles

Peyote With A Twist

Pey-Twist is a new and exciting beadweaving stitch that closely resembles bead crochet. It is usually done using only seed beads. A typical bracelet can contain close to 1,000 beads and can take 10+ hours to complete.


Tubular beadweaving comes in many types of stitches, but they all are worked in the round with each new row being built on the one below. It is a versatile technique that creates a wide variety of looks.


Flat beadweaving is the go-to for many beaders. There is an almost infinite number of thread paths and bead combinations available. The resulting jewelry piece lays flat and can be simple or complex.